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Good property advice can be tough to come by. Aligning yourself with experts in all aspects of the property investing process; good property advice comes by much easier. Here at Good Property Advice we are partnered with the best industry experts in all phases of the property process including investment property specialists, financial planners, mortgage brokers, financiers and property management specialists in all locations. more >>

Good Property Advice 5 Step Process

Investing in residential property is not a single event, it is a process. Follow our 5 step process to gain investment advantage.
Learn more about each step below:

Process 1

Step 1

Your goals and needs assessed

From your initial inquiry to us, our first call to you is to get a general understanding of your objective and your basic current financial position. From this we will make a set time and day for one of our experienced consultants to contact you to discuss your investment option.

Process 2

Step 2

Financial health check

On this second stepone of our experienced consultants will call you or meet face to face to get a stronger understanding and collect information about your financial position and your Assets and Liabilities. Determine your risk profile and gain an understanding of your knowledge and needs for investing in property. Gain an understanding of your investment goals and desires and set up a time for a finance consultant to contact you.

Process 3

Step 3

Introduction to leverage

Brief call to you from a finance consultant to introduce their service. A future finance and structure appointment time will be set up at a time and day that works with you. An email will be sent to you with your borrowing capacity and property profiles that have been researched from all over Australia to fit your structure, risk profile and personal situation.

Process 4

Step 4

Opportunity knocks

Our experienced property consultant willcontact you prior to the scheduled finance/structure presentation. You advise us of the property that is of most interest. At this point in approximately 3 days’ time at your scheduled finance/structure presentation. Your finance specialist will go through all types of investment structures and how the numbers work to a specific property or a number of properties which best match your select criteria. From this you will be informed and educated on all the numbers and structure of your investment property purchase.

Process 5

Step 5

Secure your future

We will contact you to set up a time and date for us to meet face to face to go through the property contracts, sign the appropriate contracts to secure the property subject to valuation and finance approval. At the point a holding deposit is transferred from your account to a solicitors trust account to secure the property.

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